Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thematic Photographic 43 - Reflective

Going along with Carmi's theme this week is reflective. Here are a few of my photo's that I feel fit this weeks theme. Go check out Carmi's blog on Thematic Photography. Awesome site...Really cool photo's.


  1. Very reflective! Good choices. :o)

  2. Thanks guys...I appreciate all of your comments. It's nice knowing that people really do like some of my stuff.

  3. Great shots! The clouds are lovely and make me feel reflective. Your chair shot is so interesting. Great picks for Carmi's challenge this week.

    I played along too albeit a bit too late. I like my photo so I decided to post it anyway.

    And if you have a chance could you please stop by Sweetanlo's Reflective Post

    She has an amazing reflective photo posted and is afraid that no one will see it since she posted so late. It really is a great photo and ok I'm biased but it really is. ;-)

  4. Those are both amazing photos! I especially love the one of the sky. Thanks for visiting my blog.