Sunday, September 28, 2008

It was a Party!

Yesterday, my Dad, Robert and I went to a birthday party for my Uncle Jim. We had a blast! My Aunt and Uncle are into so many neat things. They have a little farm and are both into collecting, taking care of their pets, animals, gardens, bees, and things they can make themselves. They are both so down to earth and very thrifty, I have to say. They love raising their own food....meat and vegies! They love old things and love using them. I hope that one day, I will be as cool as they are.

Back to the party... Started with us getting there a little early so we could help out. Jim and Robert ran around outside getting power going for lights, stereo, running the grill, and boiling the peanuts. Aunt Pam and I worked on getting food outside, organizing food and drinks that were coming in from guest. They wound up with between 30 -35 people all together. Jim and Aunt Pam had the yard fixed with about 4 different seating areas under the big tree next to the house. Had candles and christmas lights for after dark which turned out really cool.

But the best part.....

The people, what a wonderful group of people. Jim and Aunt Pam have some awesome friends and neighbors. Everyone seem to get along with everyone. I didn't get to sit and talk to every person there but the one's I did get to sit and talk to ....Linda, Joyce, Connie, Shanon, Elizabeth, Bill, Jackson, Scott, Peggy, Michael, Justin, Jody, Kristina and several others (I am horrible at remembering names)......All so cool! I enjoyed talking to and being around everyone. Great food...great people and a nice way to start the Fall season. Thank you Aunt Pam and Jim for inviting us. We had a great time and look forward to doing that again!

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