Friday, July 9, 2010

Where does the time go?

Where do I begin? Birthday parties, photo shoots, Sunflower festival, 4th of July parties, work, and helping my sister type up 75 hours of lesson plans for a class, and Editing pictures. WOW! I can't believe I am still moving. I am exhausted but enjoyed every minute.

Spent an entire day in Shady Dale, Georgia the weekend of the June 20th, at the Chester resident enjoying John Morrell's 60th Birthday. Met some great people, got some great pictures, and really enjoyed the cooking. John's and his family cooked a whole hog, made brunswick stew, and had lots of other goodies. It was a fun day and the Chester's were great host.

The weekend of the 26th, we went to my niece Lovey's 4th Birthday pool party at her Aunt Christy's and Uncle Jamie's house. Lovey and her daddy Ronnie were here visiting from Colorado before he deploys for Afghanistan and being Lovey's birthday was less than 2 weeks away it was a good time to have a party a little early.

Sunday, Sunflower farm and photo shoot with niece Emily. What can I say, we got some great shots and had fun doing it. I don't get to spend much time with my niece Emily, so having the whole day with here was great. She is such a sweet kind hearted person and absolutely beautiful. She wanted her Aunt Dana to do her Senior pictures and what was I suppose to do but say....WELL YEA! Still have a few other locations to go shoot with her and now we will just have to decide which ones she wants to use. :) She is my niece...I can spoil her, Right!

Several other days that week I was able to capture a few shot of my niece Lovey, Allissa, and my sister and her family.

The 3rd of July, we spent at my Dad's and Gloria's for a cookout and day with the family.

Back to the Sunflower Farm  for the Festival on the 4th and back again the 5th with some friends just to get more pictures of the flowers.

During all of this, Kristie (sister #2) and I spent five or six nights working till about midnight on all her school work and a few hours over the weekends. Today was her LAST day of class. I think she and I both were doing the happy dance when she left. She was driving all the way to  Alpharetta, 5 days a week working on Saturday's and Spending every night and her 1 day a week off doing homework for 5 weeks. And I thought I was busy.

Hmmm! I wonder if time will slow down now?

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