Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Few Months

Well...The turnout for AmVets 1st Annual Ride For Freedom turned out great. I believe they had about a hundred riders. It was pretty chilly that day but it was worth every minute. For me this was a last minute idea to go shoot this event and even though I wasn't as prepared as I would have like to have been I still had a blast. My Hubby, Robert, was my pilot for the day and he did an awesome job at having me just a head of the group of bikes along their route 3 different times. We had so much fun. If you get a chance go check out some of the images captured on my dotphot site.

As for what's been going on since then...where do I start. Gallstones, my sleepless nights with gallbladder attacks and a trip to the emergency room. Well after a visit to the emergency room several months ago and the doctors at the hospital telling me they thought I had pleurisy (I knew that wasn't right) and a few more attacks a trip to the doctor and then several test we finally had a diagnosis...Gallstones. Surgery in May and was back up and running a week later or should I say back up and flying.

A week after surgery I was on a plane to Colorado Springs, Colorado to see my baby sister Kelly, her husband Ronnie and my sweet little niece Lovey. I was able to spend an entire week with them and had a great time. We visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, spent some time in Manitou Springs at the base of Pikes Peak, Picnicked at Garden of the Gods, spent some time with friends and went to there wonderful Church New Life Church. There was so much to do and weather prevented us from doing as much as we wanted but it was definitely a great trip and I guess we did need to save some things to do for the next visit.

 Then it was time to come home and reality sets in on how short my visit really was. I had a very hard time leaving them. Ronnie will be deploying to Afghanistan in a few months and I really didn't get to spend much time with him at all that really bothered me. I am so proud of him and what he is doing for our country and also very scared for him and my sister. People really don't understand the sacrifices our soldiers make for us and they have no clue how hard it is on the families left behind to get through everyday life without their family member unless they personally have a member in the military. Everyday is a challenge to stay strong and keep the faith that they will return home unharmed. I can't imagine how hard it truly is on my sister to not have Ronnie there and how hard it is for him to be away. I pray for them and all our soldiers and their families and just ask that everyone keep our military in there prayers.

After crying almost the whole plane trip back because I had to leave my family so far away...It was time to get back to work. Morning after being back home, I helped a friend shoot a wedding in Athens. It was beautiful and we all had a great time. Congratulations Tom and Dawn! My friend Dege is working on weeding through all the images and I think the couple is going to be very pleased.

We also had graduation the 28th of May. My nephew Marshall graduated and our friend Katie! Congratulations guys!

Now it is time to start working on the latest project shooting Senior pictures for my sweet little niece Emily. We are working out details now on our locations so that will be coming up soon. Can't wait!

Check back soon for more updates.

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