Monday, January 18, 2010

God, Family & Photography

What a year! 2009 has come and gone and it was another year of great memories of being with family, and friends. This past year we have all had our struggles some worse than others but thankfully we all still have our jobs, homes, and each other.

This past year I have tried to make every family event possible to capture those moments in photos. Birthdays, cookouts, kids award ceremonies, holidays with family, our travels, and graduations, to put together a slideshow for my family. This past year with pictures selected I have about 1300 pictures to put in a 3 part slideshow. I am working hard on getting my project done so I can share this with my family. The collage of photos is a small sampling of those photos taken. Part 1 is almost complete. Yeah!

This year's photos I am developing a new stategy to organize along the way. My goal this year is to weed out all my bad photos before waiting until the last minute to trash them and also to orgaize my 2010 album now so as to drop all the very best shots of each event there and save myself some major headaches later.

I have learned so much this past year with my photography and using my camera and I hope to learn even more this year. I will be taking a few photography classes this year and trying to get into more event photography to make some extra money. I could certainly use that...need to get a few more lenses. :)

I know my family gets tired of having a camera around constantly and would just like to let them know... It's not going away!

I know as soon as they view this slideshow they will truly understand why I love taking pictures. My husband has helped me select and put music to these pictures and I just can't help but to smile everytime I listen and watch this show. I see all those intimate moments that are preserved and not lost to time. I see those moments that made my family smile and cry that can be reflected on. I see what God has given us in each other and I thank him everyday that I am part of it. I love my family.

I know that this year will surely have it's moments of greatness and hardship and I also know that we will get through them. I also know as a friend so kindly reminded me the other day and was brought up again in church Sunday that through good times and bad we are never alone as long as we believe in our God. He makes the great times better and he is always there to hold us up in the bad. I am going to make my personal relationship with him stronger this year and am hoping that my photography work will help inspire others to do the same.

2010...Here I come!

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  1. D.K. A belated Happy New Year. Like your thoughts on growing your photography. I too am making some changes, mostly driving all my energy in to my art. Please come follow me on my Handcrafted Jewelry USA blog.
    Look forward to giving all of my energy to my art.
    Best Regards, C.S. Alexis