Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day in Georgia

Georgia had snow! I could not believe it, the weather man said it was coming but I just didn't think it would actually happen. I thought okay, if we do get any, it won't stick. Boy, was I fooled. It stuck.... and it definitely caught me unprepared. We started off with flooding rain, moved into sleet/snow mix, to snow flakes the likes I've never seen. They were huge. I wandered around the property Saturday afternoon to capture a few shots of our stream behind the house that about flooded our backyard at one point. I also caught a decent picture of one of the cardinals that hang around our bird feeders.

Then... it came. It wasn't long before it started sticking. Time for more I go wandering the property again to capture snow pictures. We had areas around the house that were 5 to 6 inches in snow. Definitely a rarity around here. I'm not missing this opportunity. I spent almost 3 hours walking around the place capturing everything white.

While I was out taking pictures...we lost electricity. Ugh...I didn't think we would lose power that quick, so I hadn't bottled any extra water, hadn't planned what we might eat with no power and no water in the tubs for toilet flushing. What a pain in the butt. Luckily, hubby had a generator on his truck from a job he had been on, so we were able to keep the fridge going and plug in the TV to catch the weather. We did plan ahead for no heat and managed to fill the kerosene jug for the heater. I had just made a pitcher of tea, so we wouldn't thirst to death for a little while. After a quick panic on the food situation I realized we did have milk, cereal and bread. We weren't going to starve. Okay we were good for the night except for the bathroom situation. Ah ha! Snow! I brought buckets of snow in and melted on the kerosene heater... toilets flushing... we're good now till morning.

We woke up and luckily my MIL had filled the coffee pot early in the afternoon yesterday for coffee this morning a quick unplug of the fridge and into the coffee pot. We have coffee ...Life is good. Time came for a hot meal, hubby and I wandered out to see if we could round something up in town, and as luck would have it Micky D's was open. On our way home, our son called to report we had power. 16 hours with no electricity. I don't want to repeat that again ever, ever, ever again. We got home, we had water, heat, and hot food. What a weekend?

Here are a few more pics of what I thought were worth sharing.


  1. Those are splendid photos! The bird photos are spectacular. I finally have a decent photo of a Cardinal on my blog taken on our property! (See my new banner) I was so thrilled.
    I'm sorry y'all lost power. Kinda ruined an otherwise fun moment, didn't it. It only got very cold here, no snow. That reminds me, we need to purchase a generator for just such emergencies. Hurricane season is coming. We live in the country and have a hand pump for emergency water but need power for the frig, etc.
    Thanks for sharing the weekend! Bet you're glad it's over though. :o) ♥ ∞

  2. Thanks...I have been trying to get good shots of these cardinals for months. I still wish they were just a little bit sharper but I will keep practicing. I have seen your cardinal and love love love it, It is so clear. Since, our forsythia has bloomed I have tried to catch them there with no luck. Thought that would be a great shot the red against that bright yellow. Yeah...losing power stunk but otherwise we got creative and muddled through and yes I am very glad its over. :) The hand pump is a great idea. I will have to be on the look out for one of those. Thanks for your comments.

  3. The cardinals are lovely! Glad you managed to have everything you needed!

  4. What an adventure! stunning photos too! Glad to hear you survived the power cut without too much hardship. The Cardinals are so beautiful. We have nothing that colourful here. Thanks for sharing!