Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another weekend of Exploring

Last weekend, my MIL and I decided to look for another trail to explore. We had to make a trip to Monticello, Georgia, so we were looking for something close by to check out. Well...we thought that we might find a walking trail in the Oconee National Forest, Cedar Creek WMA, but wound up just riding down I think every dirt road in Oconee National Forest. We found several spots that we could have jumped on a trail but decided to just ride and see what we could get into. What we found.....

Several sites for mating and nesting of the Red - Cockaded Woodpeckers. We stopped several times and listened to their calls and only caught a glance at one next to a creek. I tried to catch a picture but I believe that little guy was a bit camera shy. He darted around the tree hanging in the shadows making it just about impossible to get a picture. I hope to go back soon and see more and maybe I will get a picture then. Until then, you can follow the link above and learn more about these woodpeckers. A very interesting read...they actually form family groups with one mating pair and the group members help raise the young.

We also found several very well maintained ponds with duck nesting boxes. We did see a few geese and a wood duck but they were just to far away to get any good shots of them. I didn't have a lot of luck in the nature photography department this trip at all.

Our mystery find was Lane Creek Cemetery in the middle of the National Forest. It is very overgrown and has not been maintained at all. I believe it to be a family graveyard. At first, I was a little creeped out when we walk up to this site finding a fire pit at it entrance, like someone had been camping out right there in the cemetery. Don't know what that's all about and not sure I want to know but you wouldn't catch me wanting to be in a cemetery long enough to have a fire there. Anyway...we walked around checking out names and dates on the headstones that were readable and found one that really just caught our interest. Pictured here is the headstone for Corp. Littleton Johnston. He was in the Revolutionary War. I found on ancestry that he died July 7, 1842. I have requested more information on Mr. Johnston from his family through Ancestry but have not received a response he is still a mystery but I thought I would include him in my blog today to remember him.

My Blog message for today... Explore what's close to you, you never know what mysteries you might find.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely thought provoking walk. We went to visit my Dad on Saturday, who is in the process of putting together his family tree as a joint venture with his cousin. They have gone back to the 1760s mostly in Derbyshire.
    Well done for making a few cards. I didn't post a picture of the valentines card I made, or of the one Megan made (That made me feel old!) I only realised on the day that it was the 25th Valentines cards we had exchanged!

  2. Good post! Glad you're back to posting.
    That's so neat you found a 'lost' cemetery! I love finding old cemeteries. For some reason, this one has not been surveyed. I can't find it at Rootsweb. You know, if it's close by, and you're interested, maybe some day it could be surveyed and the results donated to rootsweb and/or FindAGrave (with photos)? I do that often. It's fun. And it helps others. :o) ♥ ∞

  3. Sparky, I did find something online about the cemetery, and it does have a list of all that are buried there. I also found a couple of pictures on Ancestry of the cemetery but the photo's were only of Littleton Johnston. That is a great idea about Rootsweb. We will probably go back there soon to actually walk the trails. Will have to make a point of going and photographing all the headstones. I wish I had thought about that while we were there.

    Sally, sounds like your dad and his cousin are really doing a great job. Wish I could say I've gotten back that far. Always a work in progress.